10 Summer Color Trends to Inspire You This Season

Summer is the perfect time for a remodel, or to buy a new home altogether—the change of the seasons and the excitement of going back to school can make your whole family eager for a change of scenery as well. As we’ve entered not only a new season but a new decade, the color trends have followed suit. Check out some of our ideas below, many of which are already featured in our Parkside Design Center

1. Deep Bronze
This rich color fuses a traditional southern, homey tone with modern elegance and a slightly industrial setting. 
2. Bright Gold
A shiny gold hue will make you feel like the king or queen of your own castle; this color works particularly well when integrated in bathroom fixtures or kitchen hardware. 
3. Mushroom Gray
While initially unassuming, this color can offer an element of the woodlands in your living room or dining room. 
4. Olive Green
This classic and versatile shade can be expressed subtly, through accent pillows and works of art, or more boldly, like as your living room carpet. 
5. Warmer Creams
This is another low-key color that can pop when integrated in the right way, especially if it permeates the whole room with occasional pops of color. 
6. Navy Blue
This color is popular for a reason—Pantone’s 2020 color of the year was Classic Blue and Sherwin-Williams’s color of the year was Naval. Try it on your carpets, or painting your bedroom furniture this rich color. 
7. Blue-Gray
This neutral yet pretty color invokes feelings of calm and wellness. 
8. Champagne
Who can hear the word “champagne” without thinking of class and sophistication? This beige, neutral tone makes a room feel warm and earthy. 
9. Bright Yellow
This tone, which signals joy and optimism, can easily brighten up a room. This shade is best as an accent wall. 
10. Charcoal
This dark and intimate color can be used in your kitchen island, bathroom countertops, or even your tile floors. 


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