Mornings can be hectic and jam-packed. There’s often no time to spare between a wakeup
routine, coffee, breakfast, and getting everything out the door for the day. One way to save some
time in the morning is by keeping an organized closet. Having your clothes, shoes, and
accessories strategically put away will certainly make your morning routine simpler.
There are many ways to organize your closet, but the most important thing to keep in mind is
putting your pieces in locations that make most sense to you and your lifestyle — everything has
its place.

Organizing by color

Organizing by color visually assists you when deciding what to wear. If you’re wearing brown
pants that day, you’ll know to look through your shirts with color and avoid your black shirt

Organizing by style

When all your shirts are separated from your sweaters and pullovers, you will be able to quickly
assess your options when assembling an outfit. Keeping all your pants in a separate section from
your tops reduces the amount of time you will have to spend searching for them.

Put away out-of-season clothes

Your winter coat likely won’t be of any use during these blazing summer days. If you have the
storage, it’s best to put away the things you won’t be wearing this season. This will open much
more space up in your closet, giving you more room to get ready.

Donate clothes you haven’t worn in six or more months

It’s common to want to hold onto everything we buy, but if your old clothes are taking up space
and haven’t been worn in more than six months, it might be time to donate them. Clearing this
space allows more room for organization and potential new clothes that will be used more.

While mornings can often be unavoidably chaotic, getting dressed shouldn’t cause extra stress.
Using these simple tips to organize your closet will likely allow you more time in the mornings
to do something else that will positively impact your day.


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