Spend just a couple of minutes outside, unplugged from technology, listening to the serene sounds of nature, free of the chaos of traffic, and you will instantly begin to feel calmer and more relaxed. Is this a placebo effect or does nature really have the ability to soothe us instantaneously? 

In our society, we’re usually in a hurry to get somewhere, to do something, to learn, to achieve, and to post it all online. In a Parkside Builders community, we’ve intentionally designed spaces that are dedicated to slowing down, spending time with your family, and unplugging from the stressors of your day-to-day life outdoors. We call these areas our green spaces and they work to provide some of the following benefits. 

 Stress Reduction

There actually have been studies done that prove being in nature reduces stress. It’s been shown that the sounds of birds, running water, and insects’ noises activate our parasympathetic nervous system, which helps to fight the stress hormone cortisol that our bodies produce. 

Improved Health 

Not only does being outside have a benefit on our mental health, but it also helps to improve our physical health since we’re likely moving around most of the time we’re outdoors. There’s also the factor of vitamin D which we absorb from the sun. This vitamin is beneficial to us for numerous reasons. 

Social Relations

Communities with shared green spaces provide a common space for neighbors to meet, mingle, and conversate, without ever having to leave their homebase. This can be enjoyable for children, teenagers, and adults. Knowing your neighbors is useful no matter what age bracket you fall into!


If you’ve been searching for a neighborhood with shared green spaces, consider a Parkside Builders community! Our manicured green spaces, pocket parks, and inviting streetscapes encourage neighbors to walk, bike, and enjoy their neighborhood together.  Long after construction, community associations maintain the community to strengthen your investment and add to your enjoyment. When you’re ready to experience the perks of being outdoors in a greenspace, come home to Parkside Builders.


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