Summertime often means more adventures! The weather is warm, and the days are long, making it the perfect season to get out and about and enjoy the scenery. Bringing your fur baby along for those adventures is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many individuals. If you have a dog and you’re planning on taking it out in the summer, keep these tips in mind as you take care of your animals in this hot weather.

Provide plenty of Water

When you’re out with your dog, it’s important to remember that it needs plenty of water. Since most dogs have a lot of fur, they can quickly and easily overheat. Ensuring they have access to clean water will help to keep them cool, refreshed, and prevent them from overheating.

Walk in the morning or evening

Although it can be fun to take the pup out mid-day, the best time to walk them will be in the early morning before the sun is too hot or in the evening after the sun has set. Walking during these times of the day will also help prevent them from overheating.

Avoid hot asphalt, utilize green spaces

No matter the time of day you decide to take your dog on a walk, it’s best to avoid hot asphalt so their paws don’t get scorched. An alternative to the pavement is green spaces! These areas of grass, trees, or other vegetation is intended for recreational purposes in predominantly urban environments. If you’re searching for a neighborhood with a green space to utilize for your dog this summer, consider a Parkside community! One of the many appeals of a Parkside neighborhood is the abundance of amenities we provide our residents, including green spaces for pets, children, and even adults to enjoy! If you’d like to learn more about calling a Parkside home your own to utilize our green spaces, we’d love to connect with you and learn more about which community would best suit your needs!


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