If you’re planning on grilling this summer, knowing which sort of grill will best suit your needs will help to produce delicious food. These tips will help provide knowledge on the difference between charcoal grills, gas grills, and smokers.

A charcoal grill will likely require the most attention and knowledge to operate. The first and often most challenging step is to get the charcoal lit. It can be alluring to take the simple route of using lighter fluid, but for the sake of your food, do not use this. Instead, start by inserting small pieces of paper and layering your charcoal on top. Then, light the bottom and give it about twenty minutes to properly heat up, ensuring that all the charcoal can burn. Once your charcoal is heated, follow the cooking instructions for your desired recipes.

Starting a gas grill will be much simpler. Ensure you have a tank or propane, open the propane tank’s valve slightly, and then ignite the eyes on the grill. Give the gas about ten to fifteen minutes to emit properly before you begin placing any food on the grill. It’s important to remember to close your tank’s valve after you’re done using the grill. Failure to do so will result in all your propane leaking and having to make a trip to purchase more.

If you’ve decided to cook with a smoker, you will want to get wood chips, chunks, or BBQ pellets to burn. Be sure that you also have a water pan to add so your food doesn’t dry out if it’s smoking for a long period of time. Additionally, remember to allow airflow to circulate the smoker and never wander too far off and leave the smoker unattended.

Now that you understand the basic differences between these grilling methods, it’s time to decide which way you’d like to cook your food. No matter which method you decide to cook with this summer, ensure to brush up on safety tips before igniting any flames


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