Now that fall has officially announced its presence, we can expect the temperatures to chill, our neighborhood leaves to turn brown, and soon enough for our streets to be dotted with miniature witches, monsters, and superheroes. Even if you think your kids are mature enough to be sent off to trick or treat on their own, it’s good to impress on them a few crucial safety tips. We’ve included the most important ones below.

Make a Game Plan

If your kids are old enough to go out by themselves, be sure to outline a route with them of where in the neighborhood to go as well as a time of return. This way, if they’re late to come home, you have a good idea of where they are.

Pay Attention

Your kids need to know that staying alert and attentive of their surroundings makes all the difference. This means looking both ways when crossing the street, making eye contact with drivers before stepping out in front of them, and keeping their eyes off their phones.

Be Visible

If your kids’ costumes rely on dark colors, be sure to decorate them (or at least their bags) with reflective tape or stickers. Though masks can be a great accessory (especially now!), be sure that they do not obstruct your kids’ vision—face paint and makeup are great alternatives. At the very least, send them out with a flashlight to ensure they can be seen by drivers.

Ensure the Costume Fits Well

Comfort is key for a Halloween costume; blistered feet or too-tight clothing will make your kids’ night miserable. And even worst, a baggy costume or too-big shoes greatly increases the risk of your child tripping and falling.

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