Having a pet often makes life more fun and enjoyable. While our fur babies can be an enormous
source of joy, they can also be a hassle to clean up after. Here are some tips to maintain a clean
home with indoor animals.

Consistently groom your pet

Keeping your animal groomed will likely prevent excessive shedding. Although not all animals
enjoy being groomed, some pets find it comforting and relaxing for their owners to comb out
their fur.

Keep a lint roller around

Even if you do regularly groom your pet, this won’t prevent 100% of the shedding. Keeping a
lint roller around allows you to easily clean hair off your furniture and clothes. This is especially
handy when guests come to visit.

Use a throw blanket

The best way to ensure no pet hair gets on your furniture is to not allow your animals on your
furniture; however, that isn’t very realistic. A nice cuddle with a pet is often just what we need to
relax after a long day. If you do decide to allow your pet on the furniture, using a throw blanket
can help keep their hair confined. The throw blanket is much easier to wash than your cushions.
Try to keep your animal on the blanket, and then toss it in the washer after the cuddle session
comes to an end.

Regularly vacuum

Incorporating a consistent cleaning schedule will ensure your home stays free of pet hair and dirt.
Vacuums are the most reliable way to rid your home of pet hair. There are even certain brands
that are specifically made for picking up after your furry friends.

Run an air purifier

Running an air purifier helps keep dust and excessive dirt particles from floating around in your
house. This is particularly useful to have if you have small children.

Have indoor and outdoor rugs

When you have an indoor and outdoor rug, dirt is much less likely to be tracked in. This double
barrier helps keep dirt off your floors, allowing you to clean them less often.

Our pets should be a source of comfort and pride, not something that creates constant hassle and
stress. Implementing these maintenance tips can allow your pet and clean home to exist


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