As the summer heat continues to persist, finding ways to keep your cooling bill low is a priority. Although it can be tempting to blast your AC all day to find some relief from the heat, this isn’t always budget friendly. However, with some adjustments and knowledgeable habits, you can still enjoy your cool home, without breaking your break. Implement these effective tips this summer to stay cool and save money on your AC bill. 

Utilize Fans

Fans will be a huge help in maintaining a cool temperature inside your home. Let every fan in your home circulate the cool air from your AC unit. This could allow you to raise your thermostat by one or two degrees, but won’t sacrifice your comfort. 

Perform Regular AC Maintenance

Ensure that your air filters are changed on a consistent schedule. Since clogged filters hinder the airflow and therefore make your system work harder to keep your home cool, it will consume more energy. Having clean and unclogged air filters are vital for your energy costs. 

Strategically Implement Shade

If you have the option to plant trees around your home, you might consider doing so. The trees will help to shade your home from the heat of the sun and can therefore help you save money on your cooling bill. 

Close Blinds and Curtains

Reducing the amount of sunlight that enters your home will help lower your bill, so try to keep curtains and blinds closed to prevent this direct heat from entering your home. 

Minimize Heat Sources

Consider using heat-producing appliances in the early morning or late evening. Items such as a dryer, oven, and stove will produce a great amount of heat inside your home and make your unit work that much harder. Strategically, utilize these appliances to reduce the heat in your home. 

By implementing these tips, you can help lower the cost of your cooling bill, without sacrificing your comfort. 


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