From burgers and hotdogs to ribs and fixings, there’s nothing better than having friends and family over for a summertime cookout. Skip spending all day over a hot stove and enjoy the great Tennessee weather with these great outdoor cooking options.

Charcoal grill
While the debate rages on between grilling enthusiasts, true pitmasters can’t say enough about the flavor and skill that comes from a traditional charcoal grill. The secret to the incredible flavor offered by charcoal grills is in their temperature — much hotter than a gas grill or smoker can achieve. The super-hot temperatures cause foods to release drippings full of fats, oils, sugars, and proteins which then vaporize over the charcoal briquettes and rise back up into the food adding to the flavor.

Best charcoal recipes to try: Sticky Barbecue Chicken and Grate Grilled Pizza

Smoker grill
While charcoal grills are known for their high heat, smoker grills are just the opposite. Smoker grills are designed to cook foods low and slow making them ideal for cooking fatty meats and infusing foods with a luscious, smoky flavor. Available in both pellet and wood chip versions, smoker grills are perfect for beginners because of their (mostly) set-it-and-forget ways. Smoker grills are the least common type of grill because of their single-focus, but grillmasters who enjoy this style swear by the incredible flavor and juiciness of the foods that come from this method.

Best smoker grill recipes to try: 3-2-1 Ribs and Smoked Mac and Cheese

Gas grill
Gas grills are the most popular type of grill for a few reasons. Firstly, they are more cost-effective to fuel than charcoal or smoker grills. A typical gas grill will use a 20-pound propane tank which can be used for up to 25 hours of grilling, whereas charcoal and smoker grills need to have new briquettes or pellets bought often. Secondly, they heat up quickly and are versatile enough for nearly any type of food. Additionally, they can handle short cooks like vegetables and kabobs just as easily as longer cooks, such as pork shoulder and brisket. They’re easy to clean and require less hassle than charcoal grills. On top of all that, they can be independently situated on a deck or patio or built into an outdoor kitchen area.

Best gas grill recipes to try: Grilled corn in husks and Grilled Mahi Mahi

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