Creating a memorable summer staycation at home is all about branching out, getting creative, and enjoying the modern comforts of your neighborhood. With Parkside Builders, you can turn your home and community into the ultimate summer retreat. Here are some tips and ideas for a perfect staycation in a Parkside community. 


Create an Outdoor Oasis

Use your backyard, balcony, or courtyard to set up a cozy outdoor lounge area. Add comfortable seating, string lights, a hammock, and fans to create a relaxing atmosphere for reading, napping, or enjoying a cool drink.


Host a Summer BBQ

Take advantage of your personalized kitchen and outdoor space to host a cookout. Invite neighbors and friends over for a fun-filled afternoon of grilling, socializing, and enjoying the long hours of evening light that summertime offers. 


Set Up a Home Spa

Convert your bathroom into a spa. Invest in plush towels, scented candles, and luxurious bath products for a rejuvenating at-home spa experience.


Explore the Neighborhood

Take walks or bike rides around your community to check out the pocket parks and manicured green spaces, perfect for picnics or any outdoor games.


Community Events

Participate in or organize community events. Plan budget-friendly activities like a home movie marathon, DIY crafts, or cooking a new recipe. From outdoor movie nights to group fitness classes on the shared green spaces, these activities can enhance your staycation experience and promote a sense of community with neighbors and friends. 


By making the most of your Parkside Builders home and community, you can create a summer staycation that’s memorable, relaxing, and enjoyable. With personalized style, smart features, intimate communities, and unbeatable value, Parkside Builders is here to provide the perfect backdrop for your summer adventures right from the comfort of your own home!