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Icynene Insulation Keeps Attics So Cool in the Summer, Chocolate Won’t Melt!

We’re so confident in our Icynene spray foam insulation that we place chocolate candy in the attic of our model homes to demonstrate how well it works. But don’t take our word for it- visit one of our model home today to see for yourself how it keeps your home comfortable and energy- efficient year round.

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Icynene Spray Foam Insulation

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What is spray foam insulation?

Spray foam insulation is a method of insulating and air-sealing using a spray application. The foam sprays on as a liquid and then quickly expands to fill and seal the cavity or surface in which it is applied into. As it expands, it seeps into all the nooks and crannies to form a continuous air barrier, keeping your customers cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

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More For Your Investment

What makes Icynene spray foam a better choice than traditional types of insulation?

Icynene insulates and air-seals to control unwanted random air leakage – which traditional insulation can’t do without the use of extra sealing materials. Traditional insulation materials can also leave gaps and seams around electrical boxes or light fixtures (compromising performance), but Icynene fits perfectly around detailing to air-seal the space where it is applied.

icylene spray foam insulation
spray foam insulation being used in home

It’s In the Details

What is the R-value of Icynene spray foam insulation?

Icynene Classic spray foam insulation has an R-value of 3.7 per inch. But this only tells you half the story because R-value doesn’t consider air movement through or around the insulation once it’s been installed in the home. And air movement can be one of the biggest sources of energy loss. Builders need to consider an insulation that does two things: insulates and creates an air-seal. Since Icynene is an air barrier, it helps to reduce energy loss and also helps to mitigate the risk of condensation-related problems within the walls and ceilings. Without the air barrier, insulating the home isn’t really that effective.

How can Icynene insulation contribute to indoor air quality and comfort?

Icynene helps to seal tiny cracks and penetrations that would otherwise allow unwanted airborne irritants to invade the living space such as outdoor allergens, pollutants, and humidity. Icynene makes it easy to get a tight fit around wall openings, such as windows, electrical/cable service entry points, and light fixtures.

How can Icynene insulation help control moisture build-up?

Most of the damaging moisture within a building envelope is the result of air movement through the cavities. When warm air meets a cold surface within a cavity, it condenses; and if not found in time, it can lead to mold and rot.

Icynene creates continuously insulated, tight walls and ceilings to help minimize the potential for moisture, condensation and mold. Icynene has been tested and proven not to be a food source for mold.

Can Icynene help address any other issues?

Noise Reduction – Just as Icynene open cell spray foam seals against the transfer of air and accompanying moisture, it also helps reduce the transfer of noise. Thanks to the sound-dampening qualities of Icynene insulation, problems and annoyances related to “thin walls” can be easily turned into greater privacy.

Water Intrusion – In the event of a water leak, Icynene open
cell foam offers superior breathability which allows the material to dry and remain unaffected by minor wetting. Icynene continues
to operate at peak performance levels once dried. This can help protect the building envelope from sustained wetting or conditions that can lead to rot.

Access/Repair Electrical or Plumbing – Icynene open cell spray foam can be easily cut away and removed to access plumbing or electrical wiring. If a plumbing leak were to get the product wet, leaving the wall cavity open temporarily would allow it to dry and eliminate the need for total replacement. Icynene’s touch-up kit is available to recreate the air-seal.

Live Bigger- reduces spending on utilities by controlling air leakage
Live Healthier- air tight seal locks out dust, pollen & other allergens
Live Quieter- reduces sound pollution from the outside


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