You’ve probably heard that your new construction house needs to be “well-insulated,” or seen advertisements for homes that boast about their great insulation. What is insulation, and why is it important? Insulation lives within the fine layer between your walls and roof and the outdoors, and it’s primary role is to slow heat flow from room to room in your home. Quality residential insulation can provide homes that are quieter, more comfortable and more energy efficient.

The benefits to energy efficiency are obvious—homeowners can save hundreds per year on their monthly utility bills while reducing their carbon footprints. Moreover, it’s been estimated that home values rise at an average of $20 for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills, meaning you can put even more cash in your pocket when it’s time to sell. Yet despite the current trend of Energy Star and energy efficient appliances, your dishwasher and washing machine has essentially no impact on heating and cooling costs if your home isn’t already air tight and well-insulated.

The process of insulating your home may sound daunting, but there’s no need to fret. Home insulation is typically done in a tiered process to avoid high upfront costs and to gain the homeowner’s maximum return on investment. There are multiple ways to undergo this process—for instance, using Icyene spray foam insulation can help keep your home at a comfortable temperature without compromising on performance, comfort and efficiency.

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